Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Grants the user a brief (30 seconds and is affected by duration bonuses) of uninterrupted casting. Note that a user can still be interrupted by higher level monsters or keep/tower/lords/guards. Note also that some realm rank five abilities will drop (stop) when MOC is cast as apparently the combination is too powerful. An example of this Eldritch rr5 (unccable and speed6) and then casting MOC. Works the other way around however.

Five levels, each level increases the effectiveness of your non instant cast spells. Instant cast spells retain full value even with MOC1.

1 - 25%. RA cost: 5

2 - 35%. RA cost: 10

3 - 50%. RA cost: 15

4 - 60%. RA cost: 22

5 - 75%. RA cost: 30