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I just finished a Master Level .10 encounter and didn't receive credit. What do I do?

In our continuing effort to address player concerns with how Master Level credit is awarded, we have recently introduced two new commands (available only to BG leaders). These are intended to help those players who might miss battlegroup credit for a specific ML due to going linkdead or being slightly out of range. We apologize for the complexity of these rules, but we are sure they will greatly enhance your gameplay.

  • /bg credit will display credit for Battlegroup Master Level encounters that have been completed within the last 10 minutes. This command can be used by the Battlegroup leader without restriction.
  • /bg grantcredit [MasterLevel] [PlayerName] will allow you to grant credit for completed Master Level steps, with the following restrictions:
    • You may only grant credit for steps completed within the last 10 minutes.
    • You must be within 1000 units of the player you are granting credit to.
    • The ML step must be a battlegroup-enabled step.
    • You must be within 2000 units of 75% of your battlegroup members (in other words, the majority of your BG must be there with you.
    • You may only grant credit to up to half the number of players that received credit for that step correctly.
    • You may not grant credit for a step that the player could not possibly receive due to dungeon restrictions (for example, players must be at least ML8 to receive ML9 credit).
  • Example usage: /bg grantcredit 1.9 Player-ClusteredServer. Please note that the players name must be capitalized and followed by both a dash and server name for the command to work properly (ie: /bg grantcredit 1.9 Yionelae-Lancelot)