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Malmohus map
Realm: Midgard
Expansion: Classic

Malmohus is home to the dragon Gjalpinulva and her underlings. High level servants wander the area constantly and the dragon periodically flies over her domain patrolling for intruders. It is a very high-level area and should be traveled through carefully with a group.


Malmohus map-1

Adjacent Zones


Hunters have reported that the Svartalfar have been extremely active in the Skona Ravine area. It seems they have been sending masses of their best scouts and infiltrators in to the woodland south of Skona Ridge, a little-known and less-explored region known as Malmohus. The werewolves of Skona, however, seem to be afraid of the area - they avoid it almost as if they believed Malmohus to be cursed.

A large group of hunters was sent to follow the Svartalfar into Malmohus, for it was obvious they were up to something. The hunters temporarily lost the Svartalfar trail when they stumbled across some odd looking creatures. They looked like wolves, but had scales and a lizard’s tail. The hunters called them scaled vargs, and found out happily that their beast charms worked on the creatures.

They renewed their tracking of the Svartalfar and were fortunate enough to find a single Svartalf scout, who they restrained and interrogated. The svartalf was young and was almost happy to give the hunters the information they desired, so long as his life would be spared. The svartalf explained that these lands were the home of Gjalpinulva, a daughter of great beast Fenris Wolf, and some huge unknown creature. The scout said that Gjalpinulva, herself a gigantic abomination, in her loneliness, created creatures that would be loyal to her and serve her: intelligent scaled wolves that walk on two legs. The Svartalfar, the scount claimed, came to Malmohus to investigate the Gjalpinulva and her brood and possibly destroy them. The Svartalvear needed to gather more information about the huge creatures before contemplating any action against Malmohus.

The hunters let the young svartalf go, anxious to return to Jordheim and report their findings. The great beast Gjalpinulva and her minions have not yet been sighted. Their appearance and power remain a mystery, although it is assumed that she is gigantic and immensely powerful.