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I, Carnaxa, am quite the sly one, if I do say so myself! No one will ever suspect that a champion such as I would do such things as steal great treasures. And no one will ever miss those two fools who throught they could stop me from obtaining those treasures. I would have killed them faster if the gloves I want were done. The gold I obtain from the sale of these treasures will provide me with the means to obtain the gloves before too long!
Ah, I cannot believe the gloves are done! They are so very beautiful - crafted by the finest smith in the land using the best materials the treasures I stole could buy and enchanted by the King's very own enchantress! And yet I cannot stand to slip even one finger into them but I cannot bear to have them off for they are so beautiful. Everytime I do, I am overcome with this feeling that I have done something wrong...that someone angry and hateful is watching me, whispering to me. I have reluctantly let others try the gloves on, and they feel nothing of the sort. I think they are lying to me. I think everyone is lying to me.
I know the others can hear the voices and feel that awful feeling when they put the gloves on. They just will not admit it! How can they not hear the voices of the two fools I killed talking to them as they talk to me? One voice tells me how he misses his brother, the finest smith in the land while the other prattles on about his beloved enchantress-wife. The also tell me how they got their loved ones to curse me through my gloves...they will not stop talking! All I hear is their voices, over and over...it's driving me mad!?

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Mad Tales 1 of 3
Mad Tales 2 of 3
Mad Tales 3 of 3

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