Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

MACROS (in-game)

/macro - A command that allows for typed (slash) commands to be activated in one button (square Hotbutton).

Example: /macro E /say Enter Exit. This will give the player a square icon that will be marked 'E' and when put on a hotbar and clicked/activated, will then '/say Enter Exit' allowing for quick keep and tower entrance/exit.

Macros cannot do more than one command at a time like they can in other games (edit this if innacuate). For example you cannot have one button that does /assist %t AND /s I'm assisting %t.

Groundtarget Macros

/macro (distance in number) /groundset (number again) = This square will have the number on it and give you a ground target at that range for fast ground targets.

/macro GTA /groundassist %t = This makes a square that allows you to target a friendly player and set your groundtarget to where theirs is set (very useful if you know the guy next to you is doing a ton of damage with their groundtarget but you can't quite get yours to the same spot on a keep wall).

Assist Macros

/macro x /assist (name) = This makes a square that says 'x' and will assist the character named, giving you their target.

/macro MA /macro X /assist %t = This makes a square that says 'MA', that when pushed makes another square that says 'X'; that square will be an assist macro for who you have targeted (%t).

To assist another player's groundtarget, see groundtarget macros above.