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Lough Derg map.jpg
Realm: Hibernia
Expansion: Classic
Villages:Mag Mell
Tir na mBeo
Tir na Nog
Dungeons:Demon Breach
Dismal Grotto
The Cursed Burrow

If there is a geographical center of Hibernia, it is Lough Derg. The landscape, with its rolling foothills is divided by the big lake Derg, after which it's named. The lake is nurtured by the waters of the river Shannon, which crosses the Zone Connacht too, but vanishes into impassable mountains before reaching the lake. In the zone Lough Derg, the river forms a big lake and leaves it in the south of the zone to flow towards the sea. In the lake is the Dergan Island, which is inhabited by the Dergans.

The western part of Lough Derg is crossed by the north-south road at which the villages of Mag Mell, Mardagh and Tir na mBeo are located. Further to the north is Connacht, in the south are the Silvermine Mountains. In the east of Lough Derg you can find the Parthanan Farm. If you head even further east, you'll reach Bri Leith. In Mag Mell itself the portal to reach Hybrasil is located. West of Mag Mell is the entranct to Tir na Nog, the capital of Hibernia.

Adventurers can find two Instance Dungeons. The Dungeon The Cursed Burrow for Level 1 - 10, is located next to Mag Mell, the Dismal Grotto for Level 11 - 20 next to Tir na mBeo.
Additionally the entrance to the RVR Dungeon Demon Breach for Level 1 - 4, can be found east of Mag Mell.


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