Things to do once your level 50 Edit

Prepare yourself for Realm vs Realm (RVR) Edit

Now that you are level 50 prepare yourself for RVR Combat.

  • Speak with King/Queen to start Champion levels
    • Complete Champion level 15
      • Specilize the champion level abilites in Mag Mell, Cotswold, Mularn
      • Quickest champion xp is by running supplies Quest in RvR
  • Once Champion level 15 complete speak with King/Queen get CL15 Loyalty Cloak
    • Take a keep or tower for credit to prove loyalty
    • Must be leveled to 10 like an artifact
  • Able to wield the Champion level 15 Weapon from Darkness
    • Can purchase via Daemon Blood Seals from imp merchants
  • [Otherworld] Campaign or [Curse] Campaign quests both rewards alot of champion xp
  • Complete Master levels to 10
    • Can be purchased by using bounty points
      • quickest bps are gained by the supplies quest out in the Frontiers
    • Full master level coin
    • Glass
  • Complete your template
    • Free Template from King's/Queen's
    • Bounty Point (BP) items purchased from the [Illustrious Merchant] inside King/Queen throne room
    • Buy items from the NPC [Bounty Master] located in Castle Sauvage, Druim Ligen, Svasud Faste
    • Dragonslayer Armor from the Dragon zones (must run quest near the NPC town to get neutral faction)
      • Use scales to purchase a token from the <Order of Dragonslayers> NPC in each Capital City
        • turn token into NPC at faction town for
          • Dragonslayer armor piece
          • Dragonslayer weapon

Realm vs Realm Quests Edit

Quest to complete in RVR

  • 5 quests from statues in Capital City
  • Daily RvR Quests
  • [Royal Emissary] NPC
  • Dock master quests located on Ellan Vannin

Campaign Quests Edit

Campaign Quests rewards some of the best in slot items used in the most competitive templates.

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