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What are legendary Items and what is needed to get them?

Legendary Items are the result of combining recently found Atlantean crafting knowledge with the best skilled crafters the various realms have to offer.

Based off of information that was found by tradesmen, scholars, and sages, crafters now have the knowledge to be able to combine the various elements found in the Atlantean areas with their previously created objects. Utilizing the talents of both mundane and magical crafts, they are able to create unique, different, and powerful items of various types.

Legendary Item Weapons are the combination of high end base weapons, both spellcraft and alchemy components, and elements from the various Atlantean areas.

This combination will allow crafters to create weapons that hit with an energy force, instead of one that is purely physical. They also have the ability to weaken your opponent's magical resistance towards their energy type for a short duration.