Leather is a light armor; like Cloth it is available to all three realms. It will absorb 10% of incoming melee and bow damage.

It is the heaviest armor available to melee-range stealth classes, excepting Minstrels, who can use Chain. /105.png /121.png /111.png /100.png /115.png /125.png

Classes that can wear Leather armor can also wear Cloth armor. The next highest degree of protection is from Reinforced (Hibernia) or Studded (Albion and Midgard).

Resistance Edit

The resistance of an armor is increasing or decreasing the users resistance when being attacked by bow or melee attacks.

Strengths Edit

  • albs.png +10% Thrust Resistance
  • hibs.png +10% Slash Resistance
  • mids.png +10% Thrust Resistance
  • +10% Cold Resistance

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • albs.png -5% Crush Resistance
  • hibs.png -5% Crush Resistance
  • mids.png -5% Slash Resistance
  • -5% Heat Resistance

Available ToEdit

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