There are various different types of item in the game, they will determine which slot the item can be stored in, and which ability is required to use them.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Name Description
/104.png Cloth The lightest armor in the game, usually equipped by casters.
/105.png Leather A light armor, usually used by stealthers.
/163.png Studded A medium armor, usually used by archery classes.
/163.png Reinforced A Hibernian unique medium armor.
/106.png Chain A heavy armor used by Albion and Midgard
/106.png Scale A Hibernian unique heavy armor used by the tanking classes, and Druid.
/109.png Plate An Albion unique armor, the heaviest armor in the game.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Description
/209.png Staves Weapon used by casters for spells and Friar's for melee.
/202.png Slashing TODO
/205.png Thrusting TODO
/211.png Crushing TODO
/2532.png Flexible Weapon used by the Reaver and Heretic.
/203.png Two Handed TODO
/219.png Polearm Albion only Armsman specific offensive heavy weapon.
/202.png Blades Hibernian only slashing weapon.
/212.png Blunt Hibernian only crushing weapon.
/203.png Large Weapons Weapon used used by the hibernian tanking classes
/207.png Celtic Spear Weapon used used by the hibernian tanking classes
/2533.png Scythe Weapon used used by Valewalker class.
/227.png Crossbow Ranged weapon used by Armsman class.
/224.png Shortbows Ranged weapon used by Mercenary class.
/224.png Longbows Ranged weapon used by Scout class.
/224.png Recurved Bows Ranged weapon used by Ranger class.
/224.png Composite Bows Ranged weapon used by Hunter class.
/200.png Left Axe A Midgard unique dual wielding weapon available to Berserker and Shadowblade only.
/224.png Composite Bows Ranged weapon used by Hunter class.
/226.png Shield A defensive weapon that can block attacks and hit enemies.
/2541.png Mauler Staff Weapon used used by Mauler class.

Other[edit | edit source]

Name Description
/150.png Jewel TODO
/2855.png Mythical TODO
/141.png Necklace TODO
/547.png Belt TODO
/143.png Ring TODO
/548.png Bracer TODO
/119.png Cloak A visible slot on your back.
/229.png Instrument TODO
/2256.png Poison TODO
/168.png Tincture TODO
/157.png Spellcraft Gem TODO

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