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Catacombs marks the first time that Camelot has used dungeon "instancing" where players and groups can adventure in their own Private Adventuring™ areas - an entire adventure spawned specifically for you or your group alone.

List of Instances[]

The Taskmaster program is designed to provide a task within a custom instance dungeon tailored to an individual player or group of players. These tasks can include killing a certain number of a particular enemy, killing a specific "Boss" enemy or killing all of the enemies in a given instance. Rewards for completing tasks are xp and coin that is awarded immediately upon completion of the task. Taskmasters can be found at the following locations:

Realm Level NPC Location
Albion 1-10 Traint Cotswold
Albion 11-20 Prairdred Prydwen Keep
Albion 21-30 Lucir Avalon Marsh
Albion 31-40 Mairlin Caer Ulfwych
Albion 41-50 Trudan

Castle Sauvage

Realm Level NPC Location
Midgard 1-10 Bernard Mularn
Midgard 11-20 Cheri Audliten
Midgard 21-30 Bisil Gna Faste
Midgard 31-40 Domli Haggerfell
Midgard 41-50 Trinnan Svasud Faste

Realm Level NPC Location
Hibernia 1-10 Sevinia Mag Mell
Hibernia 11-20 Nelarid Howth
Hibernia 21-30 Jeryd Tir Na Mbeo
Hibernia 31-40 Praest Tir Na Nog
Hibernia 41-50 Vaellyn Druim Ligen