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The Inconnu are the only non-human people of Albion. The Inconnu ("the Unknown") are small pale humanoids, with pale white skin and extremely large dark eyes. They live underground, and exist to serve Arawn, the "old world" Lord of the Underworld.

The Inconnu have allied with Albion to help retake the lost Island of Avalon, which has been overrun by the forces of Morgana. Morgana's necromantic rituals have placed her in direct opposition to Arawn, and his answer - his will - is for the Inconnu to serve Avalon. The nonhuman ways of the Inconnu make their erstwhile allies extremely uneasy, but their value in battle cannot be discounted.

Classes available to Inconnu[]


We do not follow death or life. We follow that which is. We follow Arawn.
-- Lirele of Gothwaite