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I would like to remove some of my startup items in Windows 2000, but I am not sure how to do this. How do I go about doing this?

WARNING: Editing the Registry can cause irreversible damage to your Operating System install if done incorrectly. Be sure to Backup your Registry before making any changes. Dark Age of Camelot Support will be unable to assist users with Operating System failures should they arise.

For our Windows 2000 users, you cannot run msconfig at the RUN prompt to get a list of startup applications that are currently running. Please perform the necessary steps if you have random crashes or server selection problems.

What you must do is a registry edit, to get to the following spot below:


Perform this by clicking on Start, clicking on run and typing in regedit. Browse to the above section in the registry and remove everything but the following entries:

systemtray & taskmon.

Be sure to backup the registry before attempting this. To do so, click on Start, click on run and type in regedit. Click on File and select EXPORT. This will have you save a backup of your registry in case anything should go wrong. If anything does go wrong, simply IMPORT the registry file back.