Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
I just purchased catacombs and messed up my characters appearance. How can I change it?

This is no longer the case, you can now change your appearance via the character customization in the character select menu.

Catacombs players who wish to change their characters appearance for characters who do not have a facial customization available can also visit a facial customization NPC. The NPCs can be found at the following locations: Camelot (Albion) - Lolicia the Magical

Jordheim (Midgard) - Jaron the Magical

Tir Na Nog (Hibernia) - Dailliana the Magical

After speaking with a facial customization NPC, you will need to log out the character in order to change the character's appearance. The 'Customize' button will be available for the character at the character selection screen. You can change your character's appearance with the facial customization NPCs as many times as you wish. Please note that you can only have one facial customization active on the character, and you cannot 'accumulate' multiple facial customizations on the character by speaking with the facial customization NPC multiple times before logging out.