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I hear there are under water zones - will I drown?

Many of the lands of Atlantis have been sunken beneath the sea, and you must spend long periods of time submerged. You will need special magic to adventure for very long underwater. You will be able to "hold your breath" for 30 seconds before starting to take damage from drowning. After your "hold your breath" period is over, you will take damage every 3 seconds for the next 60 seconds until you have drowned (drowning will come quicker if you are at less than full health). Here are your other options:

Store-Bought Potions - There are stores which can be found in the Havens of Atlantis from which you can purchase a potion that has a duration of 30 minutes, has 3 charges, but only marginally increases your swim speed. This potion is useful for quick trips underwater or short hunting excursions, but for long raids or expeditions you may want to use one or more of the following options. See below for the NPCs where you can buy these potions in Atlantis.


  • Ruins of Atlantis
  • RamziaOceanus Haven
  • AmabelleStygia Haven
  • ColsenVolcanus Haven
  • MounaAerus Haven
  • Teyrn


  • Ruinerar av Atlantis
  • KodranOceanus Haven
  • DomarrStygia Haven
  • SevaldVolcanus Haven
  • PriskaAerus Haven
  • Teklan


  • Scios de Atlantis
  • DeivinOceanus Haven
  • TorcaillStygia Haven
  • BylanaVolcanus Haven
  • KyneAerus Haven
  • Peggy

Bounty Potions - You can buy water breathing potions at the bounty stores, using bounty points. Bounty stores can be found in their normal locations in the old world, or in the Havens in the Atlantis Trial areas (see below for a list of new bounty NPCs). The bounty version of the potion has 5 charges, each of which lasts for 60 minutes. This allows a player to move at close to normal land speed. (note that normal abilities, spells, songs, and other speed-buffing magic will increase underwater speed just like land speed.)

Atlantis Starting Zones[]

  • AllyneyOceanus Haven
  • TalenStygia Haven
  • Winn Aerus Haven
  • ArleneVolcanus Haven
  • Markham

Alchemy Potions - Alchemists can create potions (greater nereid potion) that have 20 charges and last for 60 minutes, allowing the player to move at almost normal land speed. (plus speed buffs).

Master Level Abilities - Players who choose the Master Level path of Sojourner can receive an ability called Unending Breath, which is a group buff that allows water breathing.