Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

I have been trying to use the quick entry feature to login to the game, but it keeps dumping me back to Windows. What can I do?

This is usually a result from when your characters name in-game has changed. Try to login without using the quick entry. If you are now able to login, you can go into the edit the user.dat file to change the line that says entry0=char name, server to reflect the change.

To find your user.dat file, please look in one of the following areas:

Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition:

C:\Documents and Settings\<windows login name>\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\<LotM or TOA or etc.>\


C:\Users\<windows login name>\AppData\Roaming\electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\<LotM or TOA or etc.>\

Note: The "Application Data" folder for XP and earlier, and the "AppData" folder for Vista, are hidden folders.