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I do not meet the minimum requirements for Shrouded Isles. Will I still be able to play?

You may still play Shrouded Isles. The Minimum Requirements below are being used to represent one specific type of system configuration that we have found to provide good, stable performance when playing Shrouded Isles. Many other types of configurations will run very well with Shrouded Isles, as long as you meet the minimum ram and video requirement and depending on what other types of components that you have.

--The most important thing for good performance is your video card. Upgrading your video card will give you the biggest boost to Shrouded Isles game performance, and could allow you to run the game on a slower CPU, etc...

--The second most important thing for good performance is system RAM. Upgrading your RAM to 384 MB or higher will give you a good performance boost.

--Finally, your CPU definitely plays a factor in Shrouded Isles performance. You will achieve better load times and performance from a faster CPU.

What this means is that if you are running a PIII 800 Mhz system with 256MB Ram and a GeForce 4ti video card (or other similar combinations of components), you will probably have fine performance playing Shrouded Isles, though you might encounter some slowdowns or problems depending on the combination of components that you use.