Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
I'm using an ATI video card and crashing to the desktop in Camelot City when running Darkness Rising.

Please try the following solution:

1. Get the ATI Catalyst uninstaller from ATI's Utility page: go [here] and search for "catalyst uninstaller" (using the quotes) and at the bottom of the page click the "CATALYST - Maintenance Utilities" link. The uninstaller link is located there.

2. Get the ATI Catalyst 5.2 drivers from Guru3d [here]Â (make sure not to use the "author" link).

3. Run the ATI Catalyst Uninstaller (if it does not prompt you to, please reboot the machine when it is done).

4. Run the ATI Catalyst 5.2 driver installer.

This should allow you to run Darkness Rising and navigate Camelot City without crashing. We have found the Catalyst 5.2 drivers to be the most stable for Darkness Rising.