Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
I'm having problems downloading Darkness Rising and/or I'm getting a "file corrupt" error when installing.

There are two methods of downloading Darkness Rising:

First, there is the web (Fileburst) option which can be started by clicking here or for the multi-part download here. We highly recommend using a download manager to ensure you get the complete file downloaded. If you're using Internet Explorer, try here for a plugin that lets you resume downloads if they fail through the browser. Another program is GetRight which can be found here.

The second option is using our Bit Torrent link. To use this, you must first have a Bit Torrent client installed (we recommend Bit Comet, Bit Tornado or Burst!). Once you have the program installed, click here to start the torrent download. Please keep in mind you may need to set up your firewall/router to allow access to certain ports that Bit Torrent uses. Also, you may need to limit your upload rate for the download to go faster. You can do this within some Bit Torrent clients or with a program such as NetLimiter (it is recommneded that your upload be set to about 75% of it's capacity for using Bit Torrent). You can find more information about using Bit Torrent here.

Please keep in mind that Bit Torrent is neither run by nor supported by Mythic Entertainment.

Also, be aware that the size of the install file is exactly 857,570,911 bytes. Please be sure to check the size of your install file when it's done downloading (right click the file and select Properties) to be sure your file is the right size. If it is not, you will need to redownload it.