Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Edward the Horse Trainer
Quest Finish: Edward the Horse Trainer

Quest Text[]


Travel to the pasture and kill three lynxes. (they can be found y the red dot on your overview map) Then return to Edward in Holtham for your reward.


Great Scott, *class*! Are ye trying to give me a heart attack?!

I'm looking out at me wee brother Tim who took the horses ta graze. I'm fearin for his wee life because of the lynxes that hunt by tha oats. If'n you are up to the challenge, I will pay you handsomely to hack up a few of them beasts and bring me their paws. Are ye interested?

Before ye venture on to the pasture, let me tell ye a strange truth about Albion. Not long after Camelot shattered into three realms, giant stones fell from the sky and our greatest warriors ceased to pass away. Now hear me... all still die but some do not pass away. They die and the miraculously reappear near one of these strange stones!

At first it caused chaos, but we have to accept it as the will o'the gods and have learned to choose where we reappear. We have even created additional bind stones like the one here in this square! Now, I suggest that before ye go after glory, ye go to that stone and (/bind)!

Kill three lynxes

Speak to Edward for your reward

My wee brother and the horses are safer because of your bravery! Take this with my thanks!

Keep an eye pealed out there for old One Eyed Tom, he's the most fierce lynx in these parts but he is rarely seen!


  • Lynx-bane Longsword
  • Lynx-bane Mace
  • Lynx-bane Rapier
  • Lynx-bane Pike
  • Lynx-bane Halberd
  • Lynx-bane Spiked Hammer
  • Lynx-bane Morning Star
  • Lynx-bane Mystical Staff
  • 965 experience
  • 2 silver 48 copper