Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Old Man
Quest Finish: Giant Viper

Quest Text[]


Gather a group of two or more people and speak with the old man. After he has approved your group, travel west across the river banks to rid the towns people of the viper.


Well met *name*. Back again are you? Command windows, Chatting, you want more? Well I think it's time for something a bit more exciting don't you? I've received word that a large viper has been killing livestock around the area. It needs to be killed, however you alone will not be able to defeat it. You will need to gather a group. What do you say? Gather some strong arms and sharp minds, to take care of this little problem? Use some of your chat commands to speak with players to assist you. Once you're ready to group with them, use the /invite command to invite them into a group with you.


  • 149 experience
  • 81 copper