Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
How does each category in the options menu affect gameplay?

You will see settings for; Resolution, Clip Plane Distance, Precache Options, Enable Windowed Mode, Use Atlantis Trees, Shadow Quality, Shadow Figures, Classic Water, Shrouded Isles Water, Reflective Water, Reflection Quality, Reflection Update, Default Settings, Best Visual Quality and Highest Framerate. Below are explanations for each option.

Resolution: Selects the monitor resolution you would like to use when playing Trials of Atlantis .

Clip Plane Distance: Controls how far in the distance you can see in-game. On low-end systems, lowering this value can improve your framerate.

Precache Options: Precaching will decrease pauses when first entering the game or encountering other players in the game.

Enable Windowed Mode: This feature will not work on many systems. It could result in system crashes, low framerates and other problems.

Use Atlantis Trees: If checked, trees in Shrouded Isles and Classic zones will be replaced with the new Trials of Atlantis-style trees.

Use Atlantis Terrain: If checked, the terrain will be drawn using new higher resolution textures.

Shadow Quality: Controls the sharpness of the shadows cast by players and buildings.

Shadow Figures: Controls how many nearby figures to cast shadows from.

Classic Water: Classic Dark Age of Camelot water.

Shrouded Isles Water: Shrouded Isles based water.

Reflective Water: Trials of Atlantis based water.

Reflection Quality: Controls the sharpness of the water reflection.

Reflection Update: Controls how often the water reflection image is updated.

Default Settings: Chooses the default settings for your current hardware.

Best Visual Quality: Enables all graphical features that your video card supports.

Highest Framerate: Disables all optional graphical features in favor of better framerates.

In the newer game clients, there is a Configure Figure Versions (not shown above) option located below the Water Options section. This option allows you to choose your character models. If you are having performance issues, it is recommended that you change your figure version to the Classic models.

If you are experiencing any technical related difficulties, please choose the default settings option to see if this corrects the issue. If you continue to experience technical difficulties please email our support staff at the following address: [support@darkageofcamelot.com] . You may also call our Technical Support staff at the following number: 650-628-1001