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How do I get an artifact?

A long time ago, when Atlantis was the most advanced civilization ever known, items of great power and magic were not uncommon. When Atlantis was destroyed, some of these items found their way to the planes of trials. Today, these items are scattered throughout the planes, hoarded or used by the creatures that currently inhabit the area. Scholars from the three Realms began finding hints about these artifacts in scrolls, tablets and journals that survived the cataclysm. In time, the researchers realized that the stories and hints could be grouped, and each group of scrolls explained the use and history of the individual artifacts.

Should you wish to make use of these ancient and powerful objects, you must uncover the story of each artifact by finding the appropriate three scrolls. You must also complete an encounter where you will defeat the guardian of the artifact and allow the scholar to unbind it. After adventurers have defeated the creatures that hoard an artifact, found all three of the associated scrolls, and combined the scrolls into a book, they can bring the book to the scholar in the Haven who is studying that item. The scholar will then present them with the unbound artifact, in exchange for the knowledge in the scrolls.

Once obtained and activated by the scholars, the Artifacts of Atlantis will grow in power as you use them. They will start out weakened by the time they spent dormant. Each artifact gains power from the experience earned from killing players in Realm verses Realm combat, as well as killing any creatures that yield experience for you. As the artifact gains experience, it will unlock special bonuses, new magical abilities, and unique effects over time. Obtaining these artifacts presents a new kind of challenge, unlike the quests you may be familiar with. There are no specific steps to follow.

For example, you can complete the encounter first and then get the scrolls. As long as you do both, it doesn't matter what order you do them in. But you must have both the combined three scrolls and have completed the encounter for the artifact before you can approach a scholar to have the item activated. To combine your scrolls, you can place one on your quickbar and "use" it like you would a potion. The default "use" key is E, but if that isn't working for you, you can check it by typing /keyboard. Make sure you do not have any duplicates of the same scroll pages in your bags when you combine them as all the scrolls will be consumed and any duplicates lost.

You can find a list of Artifacts, NPC's, and Scrolls required by clicking the following link: Artifacts.