Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
How do I copy my character to Pendragon?

To do a character copy you must make a level one character on Pendragon and log that character in. Use a name you like, because the name is what the copy will be called forever - your "real" name will not copy. Then type the command /charcopy servername (server the character you want to copy is on) and the character's name.

Example: /charcopy Ywain1 Joe

This is what you would type if your chosen source was named Joe and residing on the Ywain1 server.

You should see a message 'sending request'.

Once you have seen the message, log off the character and do not play the character. It must be a level one for the charcopy to work and must be offline. You may play any other character on any server including Pendragon. It can take up to a week for the copy to work.

We reset the copier once each time we patch to the live server. We do not reset it when we patch Pendragon.