Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
How can I own my own boat?

You can purchase a personal boat from a merchant in any of the three Realms. In each Realm, you can purchase either an 8-passenger boat or a 32-passenger boat. Boat merchants can be found in the following locations:

Albion: Shipwright Higuel (Oceanus dock), Shipwright Pierrel (Stygia dock), Shipwright Fanceen (Volcanus dock), Shipwright Blisse (Aerus dock)

Midgard: Shipwright Maik (Oceanus dock), Shipwright Ydeneye (Stygia dock), Shipwright Dyna (Volcanus dock), Shipwright Amunde (Aerus dock)

Hibernia: Shipwright Tonwena (Oceanus dock), Shipwright Honyn (Stygia dock), Shipwright Duvian (Volcanus dock), Shipwright Cardixa (Aerus dock)

Once you have purchased a boat, it will become an item in your inventory. To use one:

You must be near water. Drag the boat icon from your inventory and drop it in the water where you want it placed. If the water is deep enough the boat will be placed.

You can apply different paint (hull paint or trim paint) to your boat to personalize it. You can purchase different colored paints from the shipwrights. Just drop the paint onto the boat icon in your inventory to apply, and the next time you place your boat in the world the trim or hull will be tinted. Also you can attach bowsprits to the large boat in each realm, which can also be purchased from the shipwright.