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How can I get ZoneAlarm working with Dark Age of Camelot?
    • Update** For ZoneAlarm Pro versions ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0.134 + please pay close detail to the following new instructions. For versions previous to 3.0.134, please follow the directions which are labeled in this Knowledge Base post.

Instructions for ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0.134+:

1: When loading ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0.134 you may wish to select Leave Privacy Control off.

2: Please choose the option, "do not alert me at all, protect my computer silently"

3: When the option comes up that states " Do you want ZoneAlarm Pro to preconfigure access permission?" choose ADVANCED.

4: Click on the button that says "Add"

5: When browsing for the file types, please be sure to select "All files"

6: Browse to the DAoC directory and select patch.bin , login.dll and game.dll

7: When done, you may experience the error message stating "The files selected are not valid executables, do you still wish to proceed?" Select yes.

8: Within ZoneAlarm Pro there is a section entitled "Program Control. Please click on this tab and then click on the "advanced" button. Under "Connection attempts", and under the "Trusted Zone" section, please check the following option, "Always allow access".

DAoC should now load up without any hesitations. Please note, if a window should pop up asking for permission for a certain file type which belongs to DAoC, please be sure to select the option "Remember this answer next time."

Instructions for ZoneAlarm Pro PRE 3.0.134:

If you are experiencing "error message 201, cannot connect to update server, wait a while and try connecting again. If you cannot connect, check your Internet settings," please perform the following below:

Open the ZoneAlarm window.

Load DaOC. ZoneAlarm will then prompt you to give access to the "LOGIN.DLL", the DAoC Patch Client "PATCH.BIN" and the DAoC "GAME.DLL". Be sure to checkmark the box that states "Remember this answer the next time I use this program."

If you are using ZoneAlarm Shareware version, you will not have the same options to those using the Pro version. If you wish to avoid hitting "yes" every time your files update, you will need to do the following. Go to the Security tab and hit "advanced". Hit the "add" button and enter in the information for the patch update server IP address (found on the alert tab on ZoneAlarm when starting to login to server to update or login with username) and also add in the Camelot server IP address (found on the login screen after selecting server to play on). Keep in mind when there are multiple servers available for play with DAoC, you will have to add the IP address of each server you want to play on into this list on ZoneAlarm.

If you are using ZoneAlarm Pro, while in the Programs tab of the main window you will see a button "Options" next to the Camelot files/programs that have asked for permission to the Internet. Select that and then make sure "List by Directory" item is selected. This will prevent you from having to keep giving updated files new access to the Internet; that item is normally selected for programs that constantly make use of the internet and will change constantly.

When the client itself starts to run, it may freeze on a black screen. You may need to reboot your machine and reload ZoneAlarm to adjust the following settings. Under the "programs" tab, scroll down to CAMELOT. Checkmark Local and Internet. Proceed to load Dark Age of Camelot, as all settings should now work.

Another option to try is to hit CTRL-Y or ALT-Y when you see the message "connecting to server." This will let ZoneAlarm know that it is "OK" to accept the incoming file it is requesting in the background. This will allow you to not have to reboot your computer to make the necessary changes.

This should prevent future freezes and allow DAoC to connect properly.