Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
How can I copy my old character settings over to use after patch 1.88?

First, make sure you've set your computer to allow you to see hidden folders.

Next, launch the game, and get to the character selection screen. No need to log all the way in, just do this so that the game can create the new data paths.

Log out. Now, go to where the data USED to be. Remember, this only applies to people who logged in at some time since 1.88 went live:

Vista users: C:/Users/(your windows login name)/AppData/Roaming/Electronic Arts/Dark Age of Camelot

Everyone else: C:/Documents and Settings/(your windows login name)/Application Data/Electronic Arts/Dark Age of Camelot

Leave this old folder open for a minute. Now, go to the new folders. The chains are almost the same, but now, there is another bit at the end. The new bits are the names of the different clients:

/Dark Age of Camelot/LotM




If you are a Pendragon player, you've got an even longer new file path!

Dark Age of Camelot/Test/LotM

Etc., etc.

Select user.dat, (character).ini, and (character).ign files in the old folder, and copy them to the new folder.

Close everything.

Relaunch the game.