Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
How are Realm Points calculated?

You kill someone, and you get a huge number of realm points. You kill another guy who cons the same as the first guy and get far fewer. What gives?

A person's worth in realm points is determined according to a formula. The factors are the level of the player, and the realm level the player has attained. (A player level 20 and below is not worth any realm points, unless he has earned a realm rank.) If a group kills the individual, the realm points are supposed to be shared amongst the group. Let's say I'm worth 250 realm points:

  • If a group kills me, they share my points. It is not straight division, it is slightly modified depending on your relative level within the group, but only slightly.
  • If a group kills me, but had help from an ungrouped player, they will get fewer points than they got the last time they waxed me.
  • If a solo player kills me, he gets all my points.
  • If I was killed in the last 20 minutes, I am worth no points.

The points are not shared out in the group according to how much damage has been done.