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Welcome to Housing - Dark Age of Camelot Foundations

Welcome to Dark Age of Camelot: Foundations, a free optional expansion pack for Dark Age of Camelot. This expansion will give players and guilds the ability to own a home in a special housing region in each realm.


There are many features available in housing that will definitely be exciting to RvR, PvP, and crafters.

Can find all the features [here].


Learn everything about how to build your house, fill it with items, and use the numerous features provided in this expansion!

You can find the complete manual [here].


You want to see how the houses look. Find our more about this [here]


You can find Downloads [here].

Frequently Asked Questions[]

Do you have questions about Foundations? Before you send feedback or appeal, look at our Frequently Asked Questions and see if your answers can be found there! Or you can just read to learn more about Foundations!

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