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Dark Age of Camelot: Foundations provides players with tons of new features related to housing that will satisfy even the most hardcore players. Below is a list of the features that we are providing in the housing expansion.

  • Four unique housing models available in each realm, representing the theme of the realms themselves
  • A variety of customization features available for modifying the outer appearance of your home and give it an individual look
  • The ability to display guild, class, or tradeskill banners inside and outside of your home
  • A customizable garden in the yard surrounding your home, where players can place many garden objects to further customize the outer appearance of the home itself
  • The ability to upgrade or downgrade a home from one house model to the next
  • A detailed "house friends" list, which allows players to create a list of people who are allowed to enter their homes
  • A permissions system used to allow "house friends" to perform certain duties for the home as in buying objects, maintaining the vault, etc.
  • The ability to convert one's home into a Guild House
  • New Housing NPC Objects, such as Smiths, Enchanters, Tradeskill merchants, etc. to place in one's home and sell items
  • House Vaults and Guild Vaults used to store items in the home itself
  • Private tradeskill tools for use in the home

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