Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Honor in Combat

This policy outlines our Intra-realm Honor in Combat guidelines. We hope that everyone within their own realms will work together, but we realize that this may not always be the case. With this in mind, we have outlined several general guidelines for what you may NOT do when engaging in combat.

  1. You may NOT kill steal from members of your own realm. Kill stealing is defined as the repetitive killing of monsters who are already in combat with or pursuit of another player from your realm, without the other person's express permission.
  2. You may NOT leech experience from members of your realm. XP Leeching is defined as uninvited, repetitive initiation of combat against monsters that are already in combat with another player from your realm -OR- uninvited, repetitive healing of a realm-mate in combat with a monster. This is usually with the express intent of gaining experience with little or no risk to yourself.

We always encourage players to work out these types of issues on their own. Many players who think that Kill Stealing or Leeching is occurring, are really only encountering other players that are trying to help them. Please take the time to talk to each other and discover if this was really a case of Kill Stealing or Leeching, BEFORE you contact customer support. The /Appeal system should only be used as a last resort in these cases.