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Holtham is the starting zone for all new Albion characters, it it designed for Levels 1 to 10.


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Midgard invaders have landed west of Holtham and Hibernian forces are sieging Caer Stamford.

Level Name NPC
1 Welcome to Albion Sir Remson
1 Black Bear Threat Sir Remson
2 Seek Your Trainer Lieutenant Cantren
2 Greetings Mauler Consul Harbuses
2 Speak with Lieutenant Cantren Trainers
3 Blackfang Lieutenant Cantren
5 In Defense of Holtham Major Brutrin
6 Getting Rid of the Norse Holikin
7 A Just Reward Major Brutrin
7 The King's Call Major Brutrin
7 Invaders from Afar Commander Kneeland
7 Dispatch the Commander Commander Berkold
9 Reclaiming Caer Stamford Commander Berkold
10 Status Report (Albion) Lord Stamford
10 To Cotswold Major Brutrin