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The island of Hibernia is inhabited by the nature-worshipping human Celts. At one time in the island's history, the Celts warred with the primal magic using 'Otherworld' elvish creatures that were said to live 'under the hill' in fantastical cities. In light of the mutual threat of armed invasion by Norse or Britons, the Otherworld creatures have joined forces with the Celts to form a powerful combination of magic, nature worship, and arms.

The Hibernians are made of the Human Celts, who demonstrate a profound affinity with nature. The Elves are beautiful tall, thin, humanoids who specialize in all forms of magical spell casting, and have the ability to bear arms. The almost-giant Firbolg combine nature worship with practical magic and arms skills. The small, quick Lurikeen show an aptitude for spell-casting and dexterous fighting.

Hibernian magic comes from two sources. Their most powerful spells come from the Otherworld Elvish mastery of primal Arcane magic. Other casters also have a variety of nature-based druidic spells. In general, the Hibernians are the most magically-inclined of all the Realms, almost all of their classes support some sort of spell-casting.

Magic runs deep in the roots of the land of Hibernia, where today, after many years of strife and animosity, the Celts, Firbolgs and Shar ally with the Elves, Lurikeens and Sylvans to secure our future. Never has the threat been greater, and the visions of our leaders predict a Hibernia stripped of its magic if we don't act, and act together. Whether you hear the call of Oechaid and Branwyn to invade our enemies, or you listen to the council Agach and Tethra that we need only take the sacred relics of our enemies, you can defend our land from imminent peril. We are a land divided no longer, but prepared to harness the powers of nature and the powers of the essence to defeat those who would despoil our home. Come wield the mighty forces at your disposal and share in the strength and the power of Hibernia.

Races of Hibernia[]

The Realm of Hibernia, located on an island just to the west of Albion, is a combination of nature-worshipping humans and magical elvish undermountain creatures who have joined together to fight their common enemies. Hibernian races are generally more attuned to magic (natural and supernatural) than the other Realms, but many are weaker at armed combat.

The Celts are a war-like tribe of HIbernian people who are known for their ferocity in battle. With a versatility that allows them to master nearly any fighting style, they are known to strike fear into to their enemies by charging wildly into battle with tattoos of woad across their faces.
An elegant race of tall and slender people who have come to the aid of Hibernia in their time of need, the elves channel magical energy as naturally as breathing. As such they make excellent mages. They are also graceful and dexterous allowing them to excel in areas of subtlety and archery.
Firbolgs are the oldest of the living Hibernian races. Their people ruled the lands before even the arrival of the Hibernian gods, the Tuatha De Dannan. They are a strong human-like race that produces exceptional fighters and masterful musicians.
Lurikeens are a slight and playful race. Though small in stature, they have dedicated their hearts to the salvation of Hibernia from the invading forces of Albion and Midgard. Sneaky and difficult to detect due to their size, they are often employed to scout out the enemy or strike without being seen. Their inherent skills with magic also make them some of the most skilled casters of the realm.
Native to HyBrasil, the Sylvans have allied with the races of Hibernia to combat the threat of the Fomorians, as well as Midgard and Albion. They are a Dryad type creature that has a faint resemblance to the trees they inhabit. Though their affinity with nature makes them easily adaptable to any nature orientated role, they are also versatile enough to make fair fighters and decent healers.
The Shar have come to the aid of Hibernia at the behest of their queen. Elves believe them to be evil, but the Shar have adapted well to the land of Hibernia and their intentions seem sincere. Shar make excellent fighters, but some also choose to follow the path of magic or stealth.
The Minotaur, distinguishable by their bull like heads atop powerful human bodies, are the remnants of an ancient civilization whose different clans are scattered across the realms. The Uruz-Graoch settled in Hibernia. Minotaur are combative by nature and do not shy away from any clash of arms.

Classes of Hibernia[]

Animists are a Hibernian primary spellcasting class that has an affinity with plants. They are able to animate plant life and other natural phenomena (phosphorescence, etc.) and use it to craft spells that damages their opponents.
The Bainshee is a cloth wearing class whose magic comes in the form of sound, and may only be played by female avatars. The class has three specialization lines focusing on Point Blank Area of Effect, Ranged Area of Effect or Cone Area of Effect spells.
Straight from the pages of Celtic Lore, the Bard is a combination Druid, fighter, and songmaster. He is adept at exhorting his friends in battle.
The light fighter of Hibernia. Specializes in combat styles that require him to focus on his position in combat, as well as the ability to use two weapons at once.
A combination spellcaster and fighter, the Champion can fight with arms as well as cast debuffing spells on his opponents.
The primary healer of Hibernia, the Druid can cast nature based spells as well as fight adequately when the need arises. He is also able to summon Nature's spirits as companions to travel or fight beside him.
Specializing in powerful destructive magic, the Eldritch bends the elements of the world and the void to annihilate Hibernia's enemies.
Utilizes magical forces to summon and control magical creatures to do his bidding - the Enchanter additionally has spells that assist their realm mates and damage their enemies.
The basic fighting class of the Realm. Can use almost all weapons and armor in Hibernia. Not flashy, but effective and an essential component of any well-rounded group.
Maulers are a hybrid class comprised of a brawny and brutish melee elements along with unique powers and spells. This brawling class channels earthen elemental powers, such as gravity, magnetism and auras to augment their melee combat.
A combination spellcasting class that relies on mind control and power, Mentalists have the ability both to damage their enemies and heal their friends.
A sneaky assassin that has the ability to move about unseen, attack using deadly backstab combat styles, as well as limited magical ability.
The archer of Hibernia, the Ranger also gains some magical spells, as well as the ability to wield weapons in both hands.
Valewalkers are cloth-wearing Hibernian mages who are given the ability to wield a large Scythe as a weapon. They are the strong arm of the Sylvan community - they are the primary fighters of this natural magic-using people.
The vampiir class is a fighter who wields a one-handed piercing weapon in its right hand. While in melee combat, it is able to cast Vampiir magic with the left hand.
The Hibernian protectors of nature, Wardens are hybrid healers/fighters. They have the ability to specialize in some weapons as well as cast healing, defensive, and enhancing spells on their friends.

Hibernian Ways[]

Hibernia is a land of nature and magic, and you begin your life here by following one of the ancient Ways. Once you have reached 5th level, you will then choose a path toward your future.

The Way of Arms - The Way of Arms is the way of the warrior and the protector of all others in Hibernia. Though followers of the Way of Arms are not so imbued with magic as many of their companions, their strength and skill with weapons in hand-to-hand combat will oft prove of great value in these perilous times. Followers of the Way of Arms can become Hero, Champion, or Blademaster, or Vampiir, depending on their race.

The Way of Stealth - The Way of Stealth is the way of subterfuge and subtlety. Those who follow the way of Stealth may become Rangers, Nightshades, or Vampiir, depending on their race. Firbolgs are simply too large to go unnoticed and cannot join the Way of Stealth.

The Way of Nature - All inhabitants of Hibernia, excepting the evil Shar, are deeply connected with nature, but those who follow the Way of Nature are truly blessed with her gifts. Followers of this way can become Wardens, Druids, Bards, or Vampiir, depending on their race.

The Way of Magic - Hibernia is a land suffused with magic, and those who truly tap the power of their land can wield wondrous spells, indeed. Celts, Elves, Lurikeens and Shar may follow the Way of Magic and become Eldritches, Enchanters, Mentalists, or Vampiir. Female Celts, Elves and Lurikeens may become Bainshees.

The Way of the Grove - Those who follow the Way of the Grove have a special affinity with plants and the magical nature of the Grove. Celts, Firbolg and Sylvans can join the Way of the Grove, and become Animists, Valewalkers, or Vampiirs depending upon their race.