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The Hall of Heroes is an area in the Trials of Atlantis expansion that has several NPC merchants that sell Artifact Encounter Credit, Artifacts and Master Levels for Bounty Points or Atlantean Glass. This is where players begin their Master Level Path and must return after each Master Level to get their Master Level Abilities.

Each Realm has their own zone dedicated to the Hall of Heroes. The Albion zone is called Ruins of Atlantis, the Midgard zone is called Ruinerar Atlantis, and the Hibernia zone is called Scrios de Atlantis.

Planes of Trials[]

The entrance to the Planes of Trials is located in the Hall of Heroes. The glowing portal in front of the Tablet of Destiny will teleport anyone that enters to the counterpart portal located in Oceanus Hesperos, near the Haven of Oceanus.

The Arbiter suggests that the Atlanteans value certain traits and that the trials were created to test other cultures for those traits.

Tablet of Destiny[]

One of the main features housed in the Hall of Heroes is the Tablet of Destiny. It contains information about the Trials however it must be translated by the scholars.

Where the F**** is this thing located??


Several merchants will accept Bounty Points for their goods.

Master Level credit (each task, or complete Master Levels)
Star of Destiny (can be used to change Master Level Path)
Master Level Experience Scrolls (ML XP Scrolls)
Artifact Scrolls
Artifact Scrolls
Artifact Encounter credit