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Due to some misunderstandings that occurred at the time of the Drakoran invasion, the Thrawn Ogres of Krondon consider themselves enemies of Albion. However, they were once allies, and at that time there was some interbreeding between Avalonions and Ogres, resulting in a new breed, now referred to as Half Ogres. These Half Ogres have inherited the brute strength of their Ogre ancestors and the intelligence and curiosity of the Avalonians. They may not react as quickly as the typical Avalonian, and some consider them dimwitted as a result. With very high strength and above average constitution and intelligence, Half Ogres are natural tanks, in many ways similar to trolls in Midgard, but can also make average spellcasters. Their dexterity and quickness statistics, however, are very low.

Classes available to Half OgresEdit

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