Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

A guide to adding Quests on this wiki.

Page Title[]

The first thing to know is that all quest pages need to start with Quest: this is to allowing search boxes to only search quests.

Secondly the title should follow the prefix without a space, and should be the title of the quest. You should not include the level of a quest in the title.

e.g. Quest:Etaew's Happy Day

Page Template[]

The first thing to do when creating a quest is to use the Quest Template, this generates the right hand box for the page.

Below is an example of what should be at the top of the page. You can only enter this in Source view not Visual.

   | type      = [[New User Journey]]
   | level     = 1
   | location  = [[Holtham]] in [[Constantine's Sound]]
   | start     = [[NPC:Sir Remson|Sir Remson]]
   | finish    = [[NPC:Sir Remson|Sir Remson]]
   | related   = [[NPC:Willem|Willem]]

The type of the quest should be, Classic, New User Journey, Lesson or Epic.

The location should include the town if the starting NPC is in it, and the zone name.

The start and the finish NPCs should also be included, the links for them should have the NPC: prefix.

You can also add any related objects or npcs.

Page Body[]

The format and order of the page should be as follows:

You should use Heading 2 for the headers below.


The Summary in the Quest Journal.


Text that is displayed as the quest is being offered.


All text and quest step updates after the quest is accepted.


The text that is displayed as you finish the quest.


A list of the Gold, Experience and Item rewards.


Any extra information that should be noted for the quest.


Quests should have the following Categories

  • "Quest"
  • The realm of the Quest e.g. "Albion"
  • The type of the Quest e.g. "New User Journey"
  • The town of the Quest e.g. "Holtham"
  • The zone of the Quest e.g. "Constantine's Sound"