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Here is recorded the sad tale if Aloeus and Nikolia. Aloeus was a humble, but poor, baker. He made the best bread in the land but he refused to charge a great deal of money for it. Nikolia was a beautiful warrior-maiden who was well-known throughout the land. She and Aloeus met one day when she came to buy bread from him and it was love at first sight. Soon they announced they were to be married and all rejoiced. As the wedding plans were made, Aloeus scraped together money for a wedding present for his bride-to-be. He gave a local smith the small amount of money he had and asked him to make the best armor he could for that price. The smith, knowing what a good man Aloeus was, crafted a vest fit for a queen. Aloeus was deeply grateful for the smith's kindness and was eager to present his bride with her gift at their wedding.
The day of the wedding arrived and almost everyone was happy for the good Aloeus and the skilled Nikolia. Only Ellice, Aloeus's young assistant wasn't happy. She was secretly in love with Aloeus and hated Nikolia for stealing him away, although, Aloeus never felt more than friendship for the girl. After the ceremony, Aloeus stood up and presented his new bride with the beautifully crafted vest. Nikolia gasped in awe at the rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts the smith had set around the neck of the vest. She kissed Aloeus lovingly then went to put the vest on. Ellice volunteered to help her, but secretly she had her own plans.
Instead of helping Nikolia put the vest on, Ellice hit the new bride over the head with a vase, knocking her out. Ellice stole the vest she felt should have been hers and fled. When Nikolia awoke, she told Aloeus what had happened then began tracking Ellice to Aerus. When she found Ellice, Nikolia tried to talk to the girl but Ellice viciously attacked Nikolia again. Nikolia was only trying to defend herself, but through a strange twist of fate, Ellice threw herself upon Nikolia's sword. As Ellice was dying, she managed to scratch Nikolia's hand with a poisoned blade. When Aloeus caught up to the two women, he found them both dead. I found him sitting next to his beloved bride, heartbroken. He told me his story and that he could not bear to look upon the vest ever again. He gave the vest to my people, and I promised that we would keep it safe and we shall strive to do that, although who knows what the future will bring?

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