Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

With the onset of the Dark Ages, the once shining lands have become dangerous to those who travel. Sometimes, the best way to survive is to band together with others. Not only does this increase your chances of survival, but it also allows you to get to know others of your land and adds handsomely to the experience you gain in battle, thanks to special group bonuses. The more players there are in the group, the higher the bonus. In addition, each class has it's own way of contributing to a group. Experiment often with different class combinations to find out what works for you.


To start a new group, target the desired person you want in the group and type /invite or press the Invite button on the Group Panel (or type /invite Name without the player targeted). You will immediately become the leader of the group and have the ability to invite or disband members, as you desire. If you leave the group, the second person in the group list assumes the role of leader.


If another player invites you to join their group, you can /join them, or click Accept on the popup window that appears. To refuse the invitation, click Decline.


At any time, if you wish to leave a group, you may type /disband or use the disband button on the Group Panel. If you are the group leader, you can remove a player from your group by targeting the player and typing /disband.

Mini Group[]

If the Group Panel is too big for your liking while interacting with the group, you may open the mini group window by selecting the Mini button from the Group Panel.