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What's the fastest way to level on Gaheris?[]

Some people like to level by wandering around and killing stuff. That's how the game was originally designed. Other people like to do quests. To level quickly with quests, from level 1 to 10 do quests in the tutorial zones. From level 11 to 34, do New User Journey quests. From 35 to 44, do glass repeatable quests in Atlantis (port to "Oceanus"). From 45 to 50, do glass repeatables in Stygia or bounty point repeatables in Cathal Valley. For more info, see:

Leveling guide from 1 to 50

Which classes are most in demand on Gaheris?[]

For end-game groups, the most useful classes are heavy shield tanks (warriors, heroes, armsmen), other blockers (pallies, valks, wardens), pbaoe-with-pet classes (spiritmasters, enchanters), spec buffers and healers (clerics, druids, shamans, midgard healers, bards), heretics, and theurgists. See also the questions below about the best groups for keeps.

Are there good items that exist only on Gaheris?[]

Yes. Six different frags drop on Gaheris at relic keeps in the frontier. the Heart of Agramon (HOA), and Apocalypse Shield.

For more info:

  • Magic frags - Three of them have a charge that increases the entire group's magic damage by 20 percent for five minutes.
    • Cauldron of Dagda drops from Lich Lord Arazuul at Dun Dagda in Mount Collory
    • Horn of Valhalla drops from Baldur at Grallerhorn Faste in Yggdra
    • Merlin's Staff drops from Alcorn the Accursed in Castle Myrddin in Snowdonia.
  • Ablative frags - Three of them have a charge that absorbs 2000 points of melee damage for the whole group.
    • Excalibur's Scabbard drops from Hagatha in Castle Excalibur in Forest Sauvage
    • Lug's Spear drops from Glitter in Dun Lamfhota in Cruachan Gorge
    • Thor's Hammer drops from Thrymson in Mjollner Faste in Uppland.
  • Heart of Agramon (HOA)
    • The Heart of Agramon allows groups to break keep doors quickly without rams. Worn in the jewel slot, it has a charge that increases the groups' damage to keep doors twenty fold. It drops from Lord Agramon on Agramon Island in the frontier.
  • Apocalypse Shield
    • The Apoc shield is one of the best large shields on Gaheris. It drops from Hagatha at the Excalibur relic keep in Snowdonia. It's hard to get and can be very expensive in housing to purchase, if it is even listed for sale.

Where can I find good Gaheris templates?[]

Because there are Gaheris-only items (see above), many of the best Gaheris templates are designed specifically for Gaheris. You can find them:

Templates in Gaheris.net's editorial section

Templates in Gaheris.net's forum

I can't craft yet. How can I make templates?[]

Just get to level 50 and pick up the free King's Gear from your realm's king and you will be in a good starting suit.

Which other articles besides this one contains info about Gaheris?[]

Gaheris Info from DAoC Wiki

Which items can be used on Gaheris by toons of a different realm?[]

See Gaheris Info from DAoC Wiki

Is there a Discord server for Gaheris?[]

Yes. The Gaheris Discord is at https://discord.gg/FSqbxhdCZQ

Can a toon craft for all three realms on Gaheris?[]

Yes. Mythic made a special slash command for Gaheris that allows us to change a toon's crafting realm as often as we want. For example, to change to Midgard you type /craft mid.

Do battlegrounds exist on Gaheris?[]

Only Cathal Valley exists and is PVE-only on Gaheris. Cathal Valley's keep contains an encounter that gives a 1-hour 25% bonus to RPs.

Molvik may appear on porter menus, but it's a mistake and does not work.

Can I port to towns on Gaheris?[]

Yes, but only from porters in certain places. One way is to port to your toon's realm keep in Cathal Valley, then port to the town. Also, some house porters (newer ones) allow you to port to towns.

How do I earn realm points (RPs) on Gaheris?[]

You kill certain mobs in the frontier, labyrinth, or Cathal Valley. They drop dreaded seals. You hand the dreaded seals to an NPC. For more info, see:

Realm point bonuses

Dreaded seal calculator

How many RPs do I get from each dreaded seal?[]

It depends on your level when you hand them in.

Level 50..........3600 RPs not counting bonuses.

Level 45 - 49.....1800 RPs not counting bonuses.

Level 41 - 45......840 RPs not counting bonuses.

Level 36 - 40......360 RPs not counting bonuses.

Level 31 - 35.......60 RPs not counting bonuses.

Level 26 - 30.......36 RPs not counting bonuses.

Level 21 - 25.......24 RPs not counting bonuses.

Where exactly do I get dreaded seals?[]

They always drop from keep bosses, relic fort bosses, frontier mino relic bosses, Agramon milegate bosses, and Cathal Valley bosses. They have a percentage chance to drop from other mobs in and around keeps and relic forts, all mobs in Labyrinth, some mobs in Cathal Valley, and all mobs on Agramon. The classic epic zone realm dragons drop seals as well.

Is there a more convenient way to handle dreaded seals than stacks of ten?[]

Yes, a spellcrafter can combine dreads into single items that represent 10, 50, or 250 dreads. The 10-dread item is called a lambent; the 50 is called a fulgent; and the 250 is called an effulgent. Combining dreads does require a subscribed (veteran) account. Endless Conquest | Play for free account cannot combine seals.

How do I learn about keeps?[]

For more info, see:

Gaheris Keep Guide

Tips for Keeps

What duo is the best for farming keeps?[]

Enchanter + warden is very, very good.

What trio is the best for farming keeps?[]

Armsman + enchanter + druid is very, very good. For more info:

Return player (yep, another one!)

When can I start farming dreaded seals?[]

The lowest-level mobs that drop dreaded seals are lurking scroungers and avernal quasits in Agramon. You'll find them between the milegates and inner bridges. The lowest lurking scroungers are approximately level 25 and the lowest avernal quasits are level 32.

Where do I buy quartermaster armor and weapons?[]

From level 10 to 34, New User Journey towns. Above level 34, at the tent camps in West Svealand southeast of Vindsaul Faste, in Bri Leith southeast of Druim Cain, or in Black Mountains North near Swanton Keep. (Don't port to Vindsaul Faste, Druim Cain, or Snowdonia Fortress because they are filled with aggressive Picts and you will probably die.)

What are the most powerful PvE abilities for end-game encounters?[]

Guard; protect III; pbaoe from the true pbaoe classes (spiritmaster, enchanter, etc.); focus damage shield (enchanter, cabalist, etc.); Torrential Blaze from heretics; and pet spam (earth pets) from theurgists.

How does protect work?[]

Protect transfers aggro from a healer to a tank. It prevents healers from getting interrupted by mobs. The tank's weapon must be out in order for protect to work. In other words, the tank must be in combat. If the tank isn't in combat, protect has no effect. Protect should be placed only on healers. Protect I and II transfer only a small fraction of the aggro generated by the healer, so they aren't sufficient by themselves to allow a tank to hold aggro in a group that consists of just the two toons. Protect III is more powerful and may even transfer more than half the aggro generated by the healer.

How does guard work?[]

Guard uses the tank's shield to block blows that are aimed at somebody else. Guard is more powerful than blocking for self. In other words, a tank's shield is more effective (stops more hits) when it's guarding another toon than when it's used for the tank itself. In order for guard to work (1) the tank must be within 256 units of the guarded toon and (2) the tank must be facing the mobs. Large shields are more effective than small or medium ones. Guard can be placed on any class. For more info:

How Guard Works

Effect of shield size on block and guard

Which resists can I skimp on?[]

Matter is the least-used resist on Gaheris. Energy is also relatively unimportant. For more info:


How is crafing here different than on Ywain?[]

On Gaheris, a toon can craft items for any of the three realms. Use the /craft command to switch realms. For example, to craft a Midgard item, type /craft mid.

Do reactive procs work on shields in PvE?[]

No. By design they do not. Mythic explained this years ago on the Camelot Herald as follows: "Reactive shield procs do not fire in PVE by design. Because of the way monster AI works in combination with block rates and shield procs, there are a lot of very exploitable situations with allowing it to exist. Thus, no shield procs against NPCs."