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What is this I hear about a 'Free Level' system?

Free Level System

Depending on your server's population, you will receive an experience point bonus, referred to for simplicity's sake as a 'Free Level' bonus. The rate at which you will gain the bonus experience can be found at the Camelot Herald by clicking first your server name, then the button named 'Other'. The frequency you will gain the bonus is listed under Population Realm Bonuses, as 'Level Reward Days'.

A few conditions have to be met in order to get the bonus experience. You have to have leveled normally at least once since the last time the system checked for the free level. The next time the server will grant you the experience can be found by typing /freelevel, or by letting your mouse hover over the experience bar.

The bonus experience is awarded from levels 2 to 47. If you are level 1, you haven't leveled yet. If you are 48 or higher, the bonus will no longer be awarded.

Example: If you gain a free level at 46, you will not gain another free level. This places you at 47. If you level again, to become eligible for the free level, you'll be 48, and too high level to gain another free level.

You only gain as much experience as is needed to level from the level you currently are to the next level, at the time you receive the popup saying you've gotten a free level. If you level after you receive the notification that you've gained a free level, you won't gain enough bonus experience for an entire level.

Example: Let's say that the amount of XP to go from 25 to 26 is 1000 XP points. You will receive 1000 XP points when you go to your trainer for your free level. However, if you continue to level after receiving the popup message and you ding to 26th level, the amount of XP needed to go from 26th level to 27th level is 1200 XP. You will still only receive the 1000 XP it would have taken to reach 26th level.

Should you wish to decline this bonus experience, you may type /freelevel decline. This will inform the system that you'd like to not receive this next experience reward. This will not prevent you from ever getting another reward, just the very next one.

Possible status messages:

If you are eligible it will say: "You are eligible for a free level! Click on your trainer to receive it (or type /freelevel decline to discard your free level)."

If your level is greater than or equal to the max level (i.e. you are currently 48+) "You are above the maximum level to obtain a free level."

If your timer is ticking down you will get: "You have gained a level, and may be eligible for your next free level in <time>"

If you have not gained a level and the next level you do gain will be 48+ you will get and your timer is finished: "You are above the maximum level to obtain a free level."If your timer is finished and you just need to earn a level you will get: Â "You will be eligible for a free level as soon as you obtain a level."