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'Brakus is an archer of great renown. All who strive in that profession dream only to be almost as good as he. Now, in his later years, and at his greatest skill, he has taken up a new bow. It seems the wood is warped, but Brakus, when told the wood in his bow is warped, just laughs and says aye, a fool's bow for a fool! Most are amazed that Brakus can strike with such accuracy wielding a bow of such inferior quality. It is attributed to his skill, just as his fondness for the bow is attributed to a growing madness.'

'Thinking of Brakus' madness brings to mind his bow. He wasn't mad before he found this bow. Or perhaps he is not mad at all. Perhaps this bow is something in itself. I have seen him wield it, and it does not appear to have the weaknesses a bow so warped should. I suspect there is some magic involved in the crafting of that bow, but I am not sure. I think there was once a legend about a bow so warped. I will have to look into this. If this is a bow of some legendary tale then there is quite a story in how Dracus now posessess it.'

'It turns out I was right! The bow Brakus uses, now called the Fool's Bow, was a magical creation made for a court fool. The fool was a great warrior who was said to want revenge on his former captain, a member of one of the Atlantean king's family, which one has been lost in time. To this end, he took up the profession of a court fool and his act made a mockery of warriors. He had this bow crafted by a stranger from one of the further regions of the ten kingdoms.'

'The stranger's name was never mentioned. The bow was crafted to appear warped, when it is not at all warped. The fool used the bow in many performances, and he became famous for it. His former captain attended many of these performances, and the fool never seemed to pay him any attention. One night, however, during his performance, the fool turned the bow to the audience like he always did, aimed and fired. Rather than flying over the heads of the audience harmlessly, as usual, the arrow struck the royal commander in the heart. The fool ran off in the confusion and was never seen again. Ahh. How I wish I knew how Dracus got this bow.'

Fool's Bow

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