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This contains my best recipe yet! Oh it burns the throat, but how it heals! It's an ancient recipie from my mother's mother's mother's grandmother's grandmother's great-grandmother. Or so I'm told. It's an expensive brew, and I expect it will take a while to sell. Few can afford it. 'Course that's why I'm out here in the planes heh heh. Many who would never think of buying my brew suddenly clamor for it when neer death!

Ah, this brew. I have sold so many, and in one instance out of pity, have poured it down the throat of a dying warrior. So do not judge me as callous when I turn those that can't afford the price away. directs the banished wolves to attack!Say yellow or red

Even now, I do not regret helping that dying warrior. It was what I meant to do, even if he ended up betraying me to those vile Taurs. They have stolen the flask containing the healing potion but they cannot figure out how to make more. They have taken me prisoner in hopes that I will tell them my secrets. I have resisted their torture so far, knowing that to tell them would be the death of me, but I do not know how much longer I can hold out. I weaken every day and the refuse to give me even a drop of the potion in the flask. They are coming again!

Scrolls List[]

Tale of a Flask, Scroll 1 of 3
Tale of a Flask, Scroll 2 of 3
Tale of a Flask, Scroll 3 of 3

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