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Fintain is the starting zone for all Hibernia Characters, it it designed for Levels 1 to 10.


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Albion invaders have landed west of Fintain and Midgard forces are sieging Dun Cormyra.

Name Level NPC
Quest:Welcome to Hibernia 1 Kilroy
Quest:Earning Renown 1 Kilroy
Quest:Seek Your Trainer (Hibernia) 2 Artigan
Quest:Greetings Vampiir! 2 Meaghan
Quest:Artigan of Fintain 2 Trainers
Quest:Blackfang (Hibernia) 3 Artigan
Quest:In Defense of Fintain 5 Captain Viteri
Quest:Annihilating Albion 6 Erenduil
Quest:The King's Call (Hibernia) 7 Captain Viteri
Quest:A Weapon Against Evil 7 Commander Faltonair
Quest:Invaders from Afar (Hibernia) 7 Commander Faltonair
Quest:Dispatch the Commander (Hibernia) 7 Captain Inarea
Quest:Reclaiming Dun Cormyra 9 Captain Inarea
Quest:A Dispatch to Fintain 10 Chieftess Cormya
Quest:To Mag Mell 10 Captain Viteri