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Everytime I get in a huge Frontiers fight I experience horrible lag! What is going on?

Depending upon your computer system's configuration, you may be experiencing a slow down while your computers 'brain' processes the information. There are however, some things you can do to alleviate this:

  • In the options window at the character selection screen, there are several settings that can be changed to affect your in-game performance. A clipping plane set to "near" will cut down how far you can see in any direction and relieve your CPU of some computing stress. All terrain options can be turned off or set to classic, again removing some computer brain-strain.
  • In game, setting your spell effects to "self" will cause you to cut down on the amount of sparklies flooding your screen. To do this, click on the options button at the bottom of your character's stat window. This will open up a new options window where you can adjust spell effects, clipping plane, and shadows (among other things)

If the above options do not help alleviate the problem, you may wish to get in touch with the DAoC Technical Support Team (How do I contact Technical Support? for further assistance.