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Enhanced Leveling System

Enhanced Leveling System[]

As Dark Age of Camelot gets older, the bulk of our players are hitting the higher end of levels, causing it to become more challenging for casual gamers and low-level players to find groups, which can result in long leveling times and frustration. As such, we have implemented changes to the leveling system that will help all players level faster, no matter what server they play on. These changes are intended to be especially helpful to casual gamers and low-level players, allowing them to gain levels faster and more steadily.

  • All characters will now be granted enough experience for a free level every FOUR days if the character has attained a level by regular play in that time. In other words, once a week, assuming you've earned enough experience to gain a level (a "natural level"), you'll get a pop up message that tells you that you have the option to gain an additional ("free") level
  • At any time you can check your "free level" status by typing /freelevel. This will bring up a message in your dialogue box alerting you a)if you have earned a normal level through hunting and will be elligible when the current seven day period has elapsed, and b)when the current seven day period will end.
  • Underpopulated realms characters will receive the free level experience more often, up to a minimum of every two days, if the character has attained a level by regular play in that time.
  • Players gaining experience from the Enhanced Leveling System will also be awarded an amount of gold dependent upon the level the player has progressed to.
  • Please note that using the free experience at the time it is granted will be the most beneficial to your character, if you save the free experience until a later level (for example: you receive a free level at level 10, but wait until level 15 to use it), it will not be enough experience to grant you an entire level at that point.
  • Characters will not lose their skill respec if they use the free experience at their trainer when the character is at levels 5, 20, and 40. Instead, the respec will disappear when the character has leveled again (for example: If your character is level 40, and your free experience takes you to 41, your free respec remains on your character until used or until level 42).
  • After a character reaches level 47, that character may no longer make use of The Enhanced Leveling System. Should you reach your 47th level during a seven day period, your "free level" timer will continue to count down one last time.