Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

For a price, enchanters will cast enchantments on your weapons and armor. Doing this will add an identifying adjective to your item's name. Adjectives such as shining, bright, glowing, etc. all indicate that an item has been enchanted. Enchanted weapons are more effective in battle then unenchanted ones. For armor, enchantments grant the wearer a bonus to their ability to avoid being hit. There is no visible stat on a player character that displays the enchantment effect.The degree to which a weapon or armor piece (and the cost associated with it) depends on the material type the weapon is made from. The enchantment bonus will vary from 5% to 35%. Note that the price of an enchantment will also vary depending on the size of the item - a breastplate, for example, will cost more to enchant then a pair of gloves. To get your item enchanted, drag your item's icon over to the enchanter and he will enchant it for you, removing the appropriate amount of coin from your pocket.

Rechargers are available throughout the realm to replace charges used on items. Many items in Dark Age of Camelot have charges, and most (but not all) of them can be recharged. The cost to recharge an item varies, but is generally either 1gp per charge or 10gp per charge. You can use a recharger the same way you would an enchanter - drag the icon of the item you want recharged to the recharger, and he will recharge it, and remove the appropriate amount of coin.

Note that not all charged items can be recharged by a recharger - player crafted items with charges added to them by an alchemist must be recharged by an alchemist.