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Well, many people have been searching for the egg of youth. It's said to be guarded by the most jealous and reclusive of Harpies on a desert island in Oceanus Notos, where she hoards her prize high in a temple.
So the egg of the harpy is what you seek. Sit you down and I will speak
Most frivolous is this artifact. I know that you she will attack
Be wary, though, my young mortal, look for the egg in the rubble.
When the first have touched the ground, you will need to look around
Find the egg and use it then. Spent the Harpy take her wind
The egg will be for you to have... Never let it leave your grasp.
The winged creatures were beautiful, Macalia most of all. Her wings glittered as she soared over the seas of Atlantis. Her eternal youth ensured eternal beauty, only one immortal born every thousand years, the scholars said. Macalia laid many eggs, but only twelve jeweled eggs. Of those twelve jeweled eggs, nine hatched to be the winged beauties Atlantis prided itself on, three of which died. Two of the twelve eggs Macalia dropped into the sea, since they did not hatch. There was one other jeweled egg, and of this egg, there is an interesting tale.
Macalia dwelt on islands in the sea. A jealous harpy fought with Macalia. She wanted the island, she hated Macalia for her beauty, and the jeweled egg caught her green eye. Macalia and the harpy fought for several days until finally the younger one overtook Macalia. Macalia fell to the island [floor] with one last cry and the harpy matched the death scream with one of victory. She saw the jeweled egg glint in the sunlight and grasped it in her talons, claiming the island as her own. As the days passed, the harpy noticed something different, and spent a long time brooding over the mysterious changes that had come over her. She stared hard at the jeweled egg, and as realization dawned on her small shrewd harpy mind, she took to guarding her new treasure obsessively, even to go as far as seclusion from her own kind.
What this harpy, known by the name of Sililia, realized was that the jeweled egg itself was what granted Macalia her eternal youth and beauty. Alas, its effect was not as pronounced upon the hideous Sililia, but she would not give up hope and continued to guard her treasure fiercely. As the destruction of Atlantis began, Sililia took her precious jeweled egg and fled to the planes, seeking someplace safer where she could guard the magical egg.

Scrolls List[]

Egg of Youth 1 of 3
Egg of Youth 2 of 3
Egg of Youth 3 of 3

Item Info[]

Egg of youth

Egg of Youth - Basic Data

Magical Bonuses:

- Acuity: 12 pts
- Hits: 32 pts
- [L1]: Crush: 5%
- [L2]: Slash: 5%
- [L3]: Thrust: 5%
Egg of youth full

Egg of Youth - Full Info

ToA Bonuses:

[L7]: Bonus to healing effectiveness: 8%
[L9]: Bonus to hit points bonus cap: 40

[L5]: Magical Ability:

Effect: Recovery
Target recovers from the effects of resurrection.
Target: Self
Casting time: instant
- This spell is cast when the item is used.

[L10]: Secondary Magical Ability:

Function: raise dead
Brings target back to life, and restores a portion of their health and power, and eliminates the experience penalty and con loss they would have suffered were they to have /released.
Target: Dead
Casting time: instant
Radius: 1000
- This spell is cast when the item is used.

Can use item every: 15:00 min

Cannot be traded to other players.
Cannot be sold to merchants.
Cannot be destroyed.

Bonus Level: 23

Available to[]