Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

We had identified issues on EU servers with Climbing and Crafting skills not functioning correctly. We have now fixed the issues with Climbing and Crafting Skills and have the following Hot Fix Note for you:

  • EU PLAYERS ONLY: To fix the Climbing issue, please download the Dark Age of Camelot EU Installer from here: http://web.cdn.eamythic.com/us/daoc-eu/DAoCEUSetup.exe
    Run the installer and choose the language that matches the server you are playing on. When prompted where to install the files, browse to your current Dark Age of Camelot game directory. The installer defaults to “C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsDark Age of Camelot EU” so verify that this location is correct or browse to the correct directory. Once the installer is completed, run the game as normal, and you will patch down the needed files.
  • EU PLAYERS ONLY: Fixed issues with Crafting Skills not functioning correctly. For this fix to take effect players will need to restart the game client.

Again, thank your for your continued support.