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|Sylvan = true
|Sylvan = true
'''What Race should I be?'''
When determining race in Dark Age of Camelot it is important to remember that by level 50, most stat deficiencies or bonuses can be leveled out with Realm Abilities. There are however certain circumstances in which a particular race is better for a class. For Druids, dexterity for spell casting speed, and empathy are going to be the deciding factors.
Celt - Probably the best choice for a Druid. They have the most dexterity. This means they will cast spells faster than their counterpart Firbolg or Sylvan. However, a lower Empathy score means less healing, but your bonus to dexterity more than makes up for this.
Firbolg - Not the worst selection for a Druid. They are big and can be spotted easily in RvR, and have a really low starting dexterity. While they have a bonus to their Empathy score, their lack of dexterity makes them less appealing.
Sylvan - Worst choice for a Druid. They have a bonus to stats that have no effect on a Druid, and are lacking dexterity.
As mentioned before, once you reach level 50 and get some Realm Ranks for your character, these deficiencies can be leveled out. Choosing your race is completely up to you and your preferences.
== Abilities & Specialization ==
== Abilities & Specialization ==
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