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RvRing on a druid can be difficult. You will need to have skills in mobility and kiting, reading and knowing your own groupmates, and knowing when to use certain heals. Your primary abilities will consist of your Major Heal, Greater Heal, Instant Heal, Minor Group Heal, Group Heal, Spreadheal, and Root. Secondary abilities will be your buff shears, curing poison/disease, and DoT.
'''How Do I know what Heal to use?'''
Knowing your heals is very important. There are many different scenarios in which certain heals will be best.
If one of your groupmates is in Line of Sight, and has become assist targeted or taking massive damage, it is best to use your single target Greater Heal. If they are not in line of sight, sometimes it is best to use your Spreadheal, and sometimes best to use your Group Heal.
'''What is a Spreadheal?'''
Spreadheals are specialized healing spells that intelligently heals the most damaged member of the group. It is usefull when there's no time to detemine who in your group needs help first. It is best to think of a Spreadheal as a pool of healing. When cast, it is distributed amongst your groupmates to whoever needs it the most. The cast time on this spell is long, however, and can sometimes be inappropriate to use depending on how fast you need to get a heal off. The amount of healing Spreadheals can do depends on how large the group is.
'''Should I be fighting?'''
Yes, and no. If there is little to no healing to be done, you can help your group by interrupting opponents with your DoT, buff shear, or Root. You will have to determine when it would be helpful, or when trying to Kite something off of you, or a groupmate.
==Realm Abilities==
==Realm Abilities==
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